Super Box Truck Ramps-Thomas Jefferson Testimonial


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“My name is Thomas Jefferson with Jefferson Lawn Service. I’ve been in the landscape business for 30 years. I use to have a Chevrolet. Truck with some homemade ramps on but they were kind of heavy and when you get a little older you look at way to find to make work whole lot easier.

I was looking around the other day for somethings and I came across Super Lawn Trucks, I got with them and I got the ramps systems and as you can see it’s installed on my truck now and man, it’s a difference between night and day. This ramp system here, I don’t need any help. I can do this by myself with one hand and the other one I needed two men to help me.

I’ve had the ramp system on my truck for about 5 months now and have not have any problems with it. Shocks that are installed make it tremendously easy. It’s a good system and I would recommend it to anyone.

Equipment I have are 2 Gravely 52” lawn mowers, zero turn. No problems with the weight capacity. It does a good job.”